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The Play

There is a straight and narrow path some tell me I should take, But I know that if I go that way my Spirit soon will break. Then I’ll be just another drone in this land of living dead; No … Continue reading

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A Little Poem Of Tarts by Sophie Fletcher

You can get all sorts of tarts Making them is one of the arts Lemon, jam and berry too Though I don’t think there is one of poo Some are plastic some are real Some even taste of orange peel … Continue reading

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Lamentations of a Failing Ego

It happens more and more as time goes by and sometimes it could make an old bloke cry. You get on the train and there’s no empty seat but you spy a cute chick who you’d like to meet. Then … Continue reading

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Social Etiquette

In the world of social etiquette I never get it right; I open up my mouth and my brain takes off in fright. But really, at the end of day I just say what I think even if, at times, … Continue reading

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In Sanity

Sometimes I can’t but wonder why there are no diamonds in my sky. Has Lucy lost her way again; I tell you she can be a pain. At times I’m trapped in sanity; trapped in a world that is not … Continue reading

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The All Seeing Eye

Remember The All Seeing Eye floating somewhere in the sky. It remembers all we say and do; it knows the secrets of me and you. It never sleeps, it has no heart, no love for that which we call art. … Continue reading

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An Epitath

Here lies The Hound, worm eaten, horey old carcass weather beaten. His timely passing won’t be noted by the bastards for whom he voted. So why in hell did he even try when he knew he surely would die? Why … Continue reading

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