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Sit back, fasten your seat belt and prepare yourself for what could be the most exciting literary adventure of your life, but, in reality, I’d like to apologise in advance for your imminent and bitter disappointment.

 Flashing my Florilegium

I stand here now before you – a man who likes his prose;
a man who feels the rhythm when the creative urge flows.
I live my florilegium; it’s just words that want to be.
Like seeds they’re nourished by the earth – their essence is set free.
My words spill out before me, drying in the bright noon sun ;
for me the moment’s over – my poem is now done;
its energy has gone from me as words writ on this page.
How will the others hear them? That is for them to gauge.
But deep inside I nurture hope their meaning will be heard
and you’ll know the simple meaning of each and every word.

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7 Responses to Front Page

  1. Colin Wood says:

    Hi Ron love the Florilegium poem second line’ it’s words you can speak and at times even sing.’ does the it’s rerer to the ‘sacred thing’ or the words them selves, I’m just wondering if it should be its not it’s. Any way grreat suuff

  2. Silverleaf says:

    HI! I love your stories and am reading them to my son, who is 8. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. Take a look:

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