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A Sonnet

In the garden where I roam Elves and Pixies make their home. Many insects there abide under leaves where they can hide from those great big hunting things; some with claws and some with wings. The aphids are my biggest … Continue reading

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The Dreamers Lament

I am a Dreamer I’ve been told in voices that are meant to scold. But dreaming is where life begins; the pure joy without the sins. I know that my Dreaming ways will bring light to the darkest days. It’s … Continue reading

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I read and reread New-fangled, intellectual ‘poetry’ today No common man Would understand The broken story No rhyme or rhythm Is this what is? I asked myself Or is this just The ramblings Of over-intellectualised, Pretentious twits? The story it … Continue reading

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There’s days whe I feel troubled, there’s days when I feel joy. There’s days when I have wondered “Is there still life in this old boy?” But then I hear the laughter welling deep within my heart and then I … Continue reading

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New Fangled Poetry

I can’t write this modern stuff; I just don’t see its goal. I see word lists and that’s enough to make me wonder if it’s whole. A poem made of lines that short and nothing there that’s rhyming goes against … Continue reading

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A dime a dozen

“A dime a dozen” someone did say about the words I write today. But in my heart I do not care; I write these words because they’re there and if, one day, you just should feel these words can somehow … Continue reading

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Poetry is just a bunch of words; the musings of intellectual nerds who think if they pontificate they’ll open wisdom’s hidden gate. But if the truth should e’er be told most that’s written is just Fools Gold.

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