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On Streams & Dreams

Much water, many bridges and the tides of time do change; the world goes topsy turvy and it looks all kinda strange. I saw it floating past one day, the future that is past; it bobbed round in the current … Continue reading

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A Little Poem Of Tarts by Sophie Fletcher

You can get all sorts of tarts Making them is one of the arts Lemon, jam and berry too Though I don’t think there is one of poo Some are plastic some are real Some even taste of orange peel … Continue reading

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The Man In The Moon

If the man in the moon comes down to play will we all wish that he’d go away? People tell me he’ll come soon; that magical person in the moon. They show me pictures of ‘secret bases’ and up on … Continue reading

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Response to A Meme’s Lament

Well fuck you Meme; I hate your type you fill my life with meaningless tripe. I hope you die, you worthless post; I’ll rejoice when you give up the ghost. The only sadness your death will cause will pass with … Continue reading

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I Write

There’s times I write of nothing, when nothing’s to be writ but other times I start to write and think on it a bit. It’s then I find the reason I first put ink on the page; for this lowly … Continue reading

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I once knew a man who could spell, and he could do it very well. He’d spell words that were quite long; he knew where each letter did belong. It’s most obvious that he was old ‘cos he spelled word … Continue reading

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Ostanenie A word that many would never use, prefer to lose or just excuse. But it’s meaning’s clear if we hold it near it’ll help us steer a path through the grime of space and time, reaching heights sublime. So it … Continue reading

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