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Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes.

On religion

Life, if lived by many rules is mostly the domain of fools. There’s those who see life as a place where punishment is all we face. “We’re born in sin” their battle cry “Repent ye sinner, before you die” “Lest … Continue reading

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The Drums

Over all a shadow comes the rolling thunder is its drums. It beats the tune that is the fall; the opposite – the trumpets call will call from deep within the land something so mighty and so grand that Spirit … Continue reading

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On Lovers

She’s not a gentle lover and this I ought to know; she takes me where I need to be, not where I want to go. She leads me down no garden path but throws me into war then she sits … Continue reading

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By The Sea

I wander long beside the sea; the gentleness of waves. I wonder what their message is; mayhaps it’s one that saves. Or is it simply splish and splash; a never-ending-tale of water here before the start and which will never … Continue reading

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Ode To Flowers

‘Twould be a wonder if I knew exactly how each flower grew; how beauty unfolds from a seed is wisdom that we all do need. To be a flower; simply grow and then to let sweet nectar flow, To have … Continue reading

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The Gentleness

The gentleness within her heart; that gentleness is a Witching Art. The calmness welling from her soul is the very touch that makes me whole. It’s like our Spirits gently meld when in her Spirit my heart is held. She … Continue reading

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The Seeking

We searched so long for futures buried deep within our past; we knew that there were answers to the end now coming fast. We wandered worlds both far and wide with vistas long unseen; we walked upon those places where … Continue reading

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