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Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes.

The Horsemen

We stand so proud in a world gone mad;a pathetic little people who look so sad.We’ve left so little for our children’s share;and then we try to tell them we actually care.We’ve plundered the earth and still want more;we’ve torn … Continue reading

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Tales of Futures Past

When the wrecking ball hits there’s nowhere to hidefrom the demons who are along for the ride.The thunder and storm that comes in its wakewill come to a world near you to batter and break.We’ve unleashed the demon and their … Continue reading

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I watch the world I feel it’s pain; the torment driving it insane. I know the answers must be here, at times the truth is spoken clear. But hidden by insane desire we burn all truth on Mammon’s fire. As … Continue reading

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the end is nigh

We can rage all night but the deed is done; Direction Tree’s gone; a new war’s begun. They will not stop while Spirit’s alive; on pain and destruction these bastards thrive. Hold onto your hats folks, the end is nigh; … Continue reading

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How long to weep in silence

How long to weep in silencein this place without a soul?How long to weep in silencewhile their machine eats us whole?The soulless ones who rule uswith their slimy silken glovehiding their assault rifle;monster disguised as a dove.They tear the heart … Continue reading

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So quickly we swallow the lines we are fed, hook, line and sinker;so quickly the ‘truths’ they espouse drive will out the thinker.From the words spoke so silken from the silver tongued oneto the softly veiled threats when the whole … Continue reading

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The War

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All life on earth will surely dieif we do not decide to tryto save what’s left; forget our greed,live simply then with what we need. I see no hope! It’s man’s foul wayswill surely bring the end of days;but does … Continue reading

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It’s palpable, it’s in the air;the fear of change is everywhere.The Universe implodes in time;a time of change is not a crime.There is no future, lest we bea species proud and always free.Within this world when born againthere is a … Continue reading

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I see it riseup, up so high;it’s blackness fillsthe world and sky. I see it rise high abovethis world once greatthat killed the dove;God is now dead. Today the painthat we all feelis our rebirth;earth’s even keel.

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The One Tree

The One Tree withers, so soon to die; no longer its boughs to reach the sky. No more the link –  Heaven to Gaia; lost to humanities greed and fire. ‘Tis humans alone caused our demise with our loss of … Continue reading

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I speak not in words my darling for they tangle in my mind; the words that are within my heart are not what you then find. I write the words that are my truth; they are what you now see. … Continue reading

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Chant from Yarneeth

I have so much I must learn to reach the place for which I yearn and every Right thing that I spurn is just another bridge I burn

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A Dream?

I fell away down to the top of the stairs to a world with no worries, a world with no cares. So I dusted myself off as I stood at the top and realised this wasn’t where I wanted to … Continue reading

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The Weeping Willow

I miss the Willow though I know why the ecologists did make her die. Not a native, she choked our streams; so though the tree of the poets dreams all thought of her removed from sight in the war for … Continue reading

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