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Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes.

A revolution of our mind!

For 40 years I’ve heard the beat as people march along the street demanding freedom from the chains with little hope and fewer gains. We did our time, we stopped a war, the environment and so much more. But each … Continue reading

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On Plans

For many years I pondered just how life could have been if I’d been a bit smarter and the obstacles I’d seen. But through it all I blundered on not taking any trail; just wandering, no goal in sight – … Continue reading

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A Presidential Press Release

Oh no! There’s storm clouds in the sky! I wonder if that means we’ll die? Oh wait, it’s just the oil fields burning; the Middle East’s democracy learning. Soon  they will learn to toe the line, then everything will be … Continue reading

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Where will we be, what will it bring? Tomorrow is an unknown thing. All a body can do is try to do their best and just get by. But also reach out to the stars, out past the moon and … Continue reading

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Stop and Feel

When hearts bind hard within our chest they never let our Spirits rest. They needs some peace so it can see that place where fear just cannot be; that place where Spirit’s fly on high and show us that we … Continue reading

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The Trail

If hearts are warm they face life’s storm and see the truth that is their youth for hearts don’t die if they can fly; they don’t get cold as we get old. They shine their light and know what’s right … Continue reading

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1984 Revisited

Shades of ’84 ring clear; history changed – a rule by fear. When little men with little minds rewrite with what their little mind finds fallacies will rule the day and truth will be an unknown way. Censorship will always … Continue reading

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