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Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes.

The Call

The truth is there, she said quite clear; the Spirit folk are always near. To simply hold to Gaia’s creed can help this world so much in need. So stand strong now in times of hate; stand simply but accept … Continue reading

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There comes a time I hear them say paying the Piper’s the only way humanity can move at last from this cage that holds us fast; this cage we’ve built to self-contain our lives in this place of constant pain. … Continue reading

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We the people

We the people used to speak, today we are so mild and meek, we seem to walk in constant fear; The End Is Nigh, or so we hear. An end is but a new beginning unless we see the bullies … Continue reading

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The Winds

The winds of change are blowin’, they rage across the land; the winds of change are blowin’, as they move time’s own sand. The future is now coming, the past’s left far behind; tomorrow is another day, I wonder what … Continue reading

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The Rhythm

The Rhythm is one, the Rhythm is all; the Rhythm was lost in humanities fall. The Rhythm’s still there if only we seek the simple sound that’s how the Gods speak.

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Where Do I Begin?

Where is the Spirit, where is the song? Where is the rhythm to which we belong? So far from our world, so far from our hearts; why are we so lost to the Spirit’s true arts? I breathe and I … Continue reading

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I live in a world where I seen no future; at least no future for the way we exist today. Quietly I dream of a life in some far off, imagined world way. But I am old, my blood runs … Continue reading

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On Spirit, Mammon & Humanity

We’ve turned our backs on Spirit, now we face the void alone. We’ve turned her Garden into dollars like dogs gnawing a bone. Humanity goes by the by when there’s Mammon to be made and any who don’t ‘toe the … Continue reading

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How can we win in a world run by fools? How can we have peace when nationalistic ego rules? How can we have unity when governments divide? Why do we elect them when we know they’ve lied? Why do we … Continue reading

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On War

Still we fight like cats and dogs till ‘victory’ we secure before walking over corpses all sanctimonious and pure. Hold out a hand in friendship and that they’ll quickly spurn but give an excuse for war and it’s “burn baby … Continue reading

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A Night In The Bush

a night in the bush; the soothing balm. Water over rapids; music so calm. The Spirit of the land embracing my Soul. The soundscape of Gaia makes me more whole. The stars in the Heavens as bright as can be, … Continue reading

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The Seaside

I sit beside the seaside, I watch the waves roll in, I think I’ll write a poem, but where will I begin? I guess that that’s the first part of everything we do, whether it ‘s a shopping list or … Continue reading

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The Gift

I see a world of wonder corrupted by us folk; I see what we’ve created and wish it was a joke. But deep inside I see some sinister intent; a world somehow determined to go against what’s meant. I think … Continue reading

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Oh Dear, That’s a Shame!

I sit, at times and wonder, just what this is all about; with all the ‘wisdom’ in the world we forget what it’s about. We whine about destruction and do more every day. We say we want a world at … Continue reading

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In Memory of a great One

Who will replace the Elders, those who stood for truth, those who stood the test of time – lives moulded in their youth? Who will stand in the against the tide that is a mighty wave; now to this so … Continue reading

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