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Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes.

Gaia’s Call

Within the heart of freedom there’s beauty to be heard; the roaring of a waterfall, the trilling of a bird. Within the depths of loneliness the silence deafens all; this is a place you’ll never hear the beauteous Gaia’s call. … Continue reading

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We stand upon the precipice of all our lives have sown and look out on the garden of all that has now grown. Can we be proud of what we’ve done; the future left behind? Have we left behind us … Continue reading

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My Girl

There’s a gentleness within that child tempered by beauty free and wild. It’s in her heart, the Earth’s sweet song; in her is where all truths belong. I see her eyes flash fire and ice; her love holds fast – … Continue reading

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There’s a new day dawning, new truths it is spawning. The truths of the past are coming back fast. For those who can see it’s a great time to be alive and aware in worlds without care. The nature of … Continue reading

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Who Is The Enemy?

I fought a war most every day when I was only young; in those battles in my mind I was a hero oft unsung. I knew to be a hero was the only path for me To fight the evil … Continue reading

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The Replubic of Australia

I think we need a Republic to stand on our feet at last and get out from the shadow ‘the old country’ has cast. While it cannot change the past; what’s done ‘twas us who did At least behind the … Continue reading

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A Journey

Last night I went out Journeying to places long forgot; as I wandered through them I remembered what I’m not. I wandered into places so long I’d buried in my mind and flew upon a magic carpet to see that … Continue reading

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