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Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes.

It comes

It comes to us soon – the end we seek. It comes to us soon – the time of the meek. It comes to us soon – the end of all. It comes to us soon – that brick in … Continue reading

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The Truth of War

Not much left;  society undone. Not much left; but who has won. Not much left; do we really care. Not much left; is there anywhere? Not much left; society crumbles. Not much left; humanity humbles. Not much left; so much … Continue reading

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The Child

Why do we grow older and lose our way? No more to remember the child at play and those who do we label insane;  to us they are societies bane. We live in our fear we live in our pride; … Continue reading

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Trees wander past the truth of Gaia awaiting still their death by fire. That fire that is death and birth, that is the trees one true worth. For us, it warms us – heart and soul without it’s warmth we’d … Continue reading

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Life’s true story

The truth of life alludes at times, the product of societies crimes. We walk in blindness through our lives; in desperation’s pit we dive. Some, at times, will gently rise and open wide all of their eyes to see the … Continue reading

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Diamonds in my heart

Dancing diamonds in the sun they’ve flowed here since when time begun. These treasures of the heart do flow both on the surface – down below. As I watch my heart does sing of flying Angels on the wing. This … Continue reading

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Defending The Enemy

“You’re defending the enemy” I hear them say I responded “But I don’t know who that is today?” “Well then watch the news” was their wise reply; “But it’s all bullshit” I said with a sigh. “Not this time, they’ve … Continue reading

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The Path

We think of nought we’re simply taught. Box on the wall is our downfall. There is no truth told to our youth. Pain comes from pain; drives us insane. The Path’s confused and rarely used. Must not be lost at … Continue reading

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There’s no time for things that matter; society does quickly shatter. We live our lives in some strange dream; relationships not what they seem. Hearts controlled by some square box that fill our lives with stone hard locks. Those things … Continue reading

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the only crime

as we age bits start to sag energies begin to lag but time to sit; time to think we then start to make the link betwixt the heart and the soul we find paths to make us whole I’ll be … Continue reading

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On Freedom

I get so sick of all those voices; the ones that limit all our choices. Those voices aren’t just in my head; they ring through media, all I’ve read. There is no future in this place that wants us all … Continue reading

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The pain of a planet soon to die; If only we could learn to simply try. Our lives destroy the home we need; Each day we live we kill with greed. The only solution left to Gaia; Destroy us now … Continue reading

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To walk beside a mountain stream This is the life of which I dream. To lay and watch the stars go by Is what I’d do when I do die. To love my life as time goes by; Enough to … Continue reading

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A Hundred Monkeys

The Hundred Monkey Syndrome is surging through our world. Fear permeates this place war banners are unfurled. ‘The system’ knows it’s coming they fear what they know true for the monkeys that are coming look just like me and you. … Continue reading

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