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We stand upon the precipice of all our lives have sown and look out on the garden of all that has now grown. Can we be proud of what we’ve done; the future left behind? Have we left behind us … Continue reading

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My Girl

There’s a gentleness within that child tempered by beauty free and wild. It’s in her heart, the Earth’s sweet song; in her is where all truths belong. I see her eyes flash fire and ice; her love holds fast – … Continue reading

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To Sophie

A day of laughter it’s always true is wonderful when spent with you for you are truth and you are free exactly as we all should be. Your simple joy and smiling heart; expressions of sweet Gaia’s art. To walk … Continue reading

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A Little Poem Of Tarts by Sophie Fletcher

You can get all sorts of tarts Making them is one of the arts Lemon, jam and berry too Though I don’t think there is one of poo Some are plastic some are real Some even taste of orange peel … Continue reading

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A Haiku for our children:

Whatever you do is always embarrassing the eyes of your child

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UnFolding Green

Sometimes I look around me and wonder where I’ve been; why don’t I have a big house and lots of folding green? It’s then that I remember the choice was always mine; ‘twas me who lived the ‘other life’ and … Continue reading

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Poems to Sophie – A Star Who Fell To Earth

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