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On Hearts and Minds and Spirits

If the heart goes where the Spirit walks then the mind becomes where wisdom talks. If we see the world through wisdom’s eyes then, by definition, hatred dies. If hatred dies then life can go on; just a simple thought … Continue reading

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His laughter brought us joy untold, his voice was crystal clear, a simple word spoke from his lips would drive away all fear. He stood, a simple, gentle man, wisdom burning in his eyes; his eyes were dark and caring … Continue reading

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On Belonging

I’m reading a book at the moment called “Aboriginal Men of High Degree” and it’s given me fresh and deeper insights into the world we overran a bit over 200 years ago. Why have we trapped these wondrous Souls? What … Continue reading

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Futures Past

The way that we know is the way that we’ll go lest we take Faith’s leap down into the deep. Our future lies somewhere down where we’ve been in pasts that we’ve had and futures we’ve seen. With a step … Continue reading

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What will hold up the sky?

In First Nation lore eucalypts hold up the sky, as we tear them down with wanton abandon what will happen? The old trees slowly wither, the old trees slowly die; if they go to the next world, what then holds … Continue reading

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The Feast

My heart and feet just wander out here among the trees; no plans or destination, they go just where they please, and I find with every footfall it all becomes more clear; what I should push away from and what … Continue reading

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Walking with Pedro 2

Out for a walk with my mate Pedro today he said that the rhythm is the only way. Every step that I take, every word that I write I move closer to the rhythm, further from the night. The rhythm … Continue reading

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