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My Path

I am this path, it is my own; each day I reap what I have sown. The future that I live today; I paved this path just yesterday. Tomorrow brings new worlds I know, as from my steps my futures … Continue reading

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Tree Hugging Time

Some days, I find, it all goes wrong; a screeching sound in my life song. The morning starts with stress and pain; I feel like there is nought to gain. The day flows on with nothing right; my inner mind … Continue reading

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The Dreamers Lament

I am a Dreamer I’ve been told in voices that are meant to scold. But dreaming is where life begins; the pure joy without the sins. I know that my Dreaming ways will bring light to the darkest days. It’s … Continue reading

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Where we shoud go.

When life points to Dragons that’s where you belong; in life we can’t dance to another song. We should march to whatever drum we hear, even at times if that leads us to fear. My heart is my rhythm; without … Continue reading

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Look to the wild side

Run with the wolves, dance with a Fair folk; life won’t begin till you cast off your yolk. Fly with a butterfly into the sky you can live life if you want to try. Look to the wild side where … Continue reading

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Musings on the final curtain

I’ve been a lot of people, done a lot of things; at times I had horns and at others grew wings. But through it all I hope that somehow I’ve grown; and rather than just crawled at times even flown. … Continue reading

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So many lost souls pass each day; will we ever find the way or will we simply drift on by seeking answers to life’s great lie.

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