Bye Bye

I’ve written rhymes that are just dumb
As I sit here on my big fat bum
Pontificating how I feel
Until your poor minds simply reel
From trying to make sense of it all
Like strange graffiti on a wall
It’s not written in sanity
But rather it’s just meant to be
The stuff that fills “the other spaces”
The place of dream and nightmare faces
There’s Pixies dancing in my mind
And god knows what else you might find
I’m sometimes scared to look myself
Lest I find a Demon, not an Elf
And so I spew it out on here
The ‘mind things’ that are blurred and clear
Anyway enough, I’ve had my say
Plenty of bullshit for one day
So now I’ll leave you all in peace
My crappy rhyming now will cease…
Oh no! bugger! It’s still going
endless words that keep on flowing
I try to stop – my fingers fly
Across the keyboard – why oh why?
What is the use there’s no one there;
I’m talking to a room that’s bare
No one here except my mind
And in there don’t know what I’ll find
But still my fingers hit the keys
As if compulsion they must ease
My hands just find they can’t sit still
it’s like they have a mind and will
That go beyond the man that’s me
Should I just let the buggers free
To roam ‘cross keyboards near and far
Till lost in space my fingers are
The scourges of the Universe
Just wandering wide, writing bad verse
Or should I stop them at their play
To wait until another day
To write more senseless lines up here
I see the end in sight; it’s near
I simply need to move my arse
To where my mind finds rhyming sparse
But where is that? It’s always there
I can rhyme most anywhere
And so there’s but one thing to do
And that’s to say “Farewell” to you

Bye Bye

About a foolhardy florilegium

Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes.
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