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the end is nigh

We can rage all night but the deed is done; Direction Tree’s gone; a new war’s begun. They will not stop while Spirit’s alive; on pain and destruction these bastards thrive. Hold onto your hats folks, the end is nigh; … Continue reading

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Finding futures in the past

The echoes of futures, the shadows they’ve cast; our futures are buried so deep in our past. Unless we can solve the labyrinth’s way it’s stuck in this place that we all will stay. Where are the answers but deep … Continue reading

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I Stand

I stand because the guilt is mine; I know that I must hold the line. Forefathers failed; they knew the law it was just greed and love of war. Though riches made soon fell away; their karma struck at end … Continue reading

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On Shadows

There’s Shadows on my Spirit, there’s Shadows on my Soul, there’s Shadows on my heart that make me feel less whole.. The early generations; the ones who came before they released those Shadows when they opened wide the door. The … Continue reading

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Another Day

For years untold they walked their way and Gaia rejoiced every day. The answer’s there for all to see, the way the planet ought to be. But then we came and conquered all; beneath our might all nations fall. We … Continue reading

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