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Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes.

Victory is near

Victory is near – we cannot win; the final campaign will soon begin. Losing is the reality of this war for any cares about the score. A battle that’s worth the final cost is the battle that can’t be won … Continue reading

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A Past

We’re looking down the barrel of a great big bloody gun; we’ve gone and made an enemy of our old friend the Sun. Yet still we rape and plunder, committing nature crimes but we don’t seem to panic in what … Continue reading

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I chose

I chose my path, I walked my line; everything I did is mine. I stand and claim the good and bad, the happy times and times when sad. The acts for which I feel quite proud, times when my voice … Continue reading

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Once The World Had Meaning.

Where is the Magic that we’ve long denied since we listened to science (and it never lied). Yet still there’s that feeling deep in the wild lets loose the beauty that is our Inner Child Just for a moment we … Continue reading

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Been thinking about hoarding recently, ‘Hoarding’ is an interestingly Western, post-world war 2 phenomena. Before WW2 things were made to last and were repairable and if they couldn’t be repaired, they could be reused for other purposes and for many … Continue reading

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When humanity has no voice we’re left with no other choice, then Revolution is a right; the need to stand, the need to fight. When life itself is in harms way then rise and stand and face the day! For … Continue reading

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Sustenance Cup

When all is clear but folk are blind and there’s no path that we can find, it’s then we must look to the past; there’s wisdom in shadows it’s cast. They tell of ways that worked before; the ways that … Continue reading

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