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Words echoing in my mind

There’s words that come from who knows where, that fill my heart with love and care. I hear them echoed in my mind, their beauty is not clear defined but resonating deep within I cannot help but let them in … Continue reading

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Words from another place

There is a way, a winding way from deepest fear to light of day. There is no way, there is no path; it leads away from comfort’s hearth. It is so clear we cannot see the way that takes us … Continue reading

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When Waters Rise

We’ll know their lies when waters rise before our eyes and our world dies. We’ll cry our woe but we should know ’twas our death blow; We’re our only foe.

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So much

So much madness So much sadness So much badness Need more gladness

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The Final Joke

Life is simply death not done a race that’s run but never won. The toil of moving through each day thinking there’s no better way. To finally die is a release; at last a soul that’s left in peace. My … Continue reading

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End Of Days

I’ll tell you the truth, I will not lie; the planet’s fucked, we’re all gonna die. We’ve gone too far, there’s no reprieve our world now dies – no time to grieve. We didn’t listen when they spoke; we dismissed … Continue reading

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Rebuilding Earth

The Doomsday clock’s pendulum swings; in the West we clutch our precious things. The world is burning, we don’t care about this planet we’ve stripped bare. Though some may see what is to come our whole damn world is somehow … Continue reading

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