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End Of Days

I’ll tell you the truth, I will not lie; the planet’s fucked, we’re all gonna die. We’ve gone too far, there’s no reprieve our world now dies – no time to grieve. We didn’t listen when they spoke; we dismissed … Continue reading

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Our behemoth

One foot on the throttle and one one the brake; how much more madness can this planet take? The whole world’s going at a breakneck pace; it’s not human kind it’s a human race. It’s all Helter Skelter as we … Continue reading

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Rebuilding Earth

The Doomsday clock’s pendulum swings; in the West we clutch our precious things. The world is burning, we don’t care about this planet we’ve stripped bare. Though some may see what is to come our whole damn world is somehow … Continue reading

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A Bitter Brew

Without laughter there are only tears as I look around at all life’s fears. I feel the Planet’s deep distress at what we’ve done – this bloody mess. And so my humour bubbles up to overflow my sadness cup. I … Continue reading

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Surrender is victory

“Surrender is victory” I heard a voice say; “There can be no winner at the end of day”. I’d battled so long, I’d fought all the way, how could I resist the pull of the fray? I stood on the … Continue reading

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Gaia’s Gown

When motivation falls so low you’ve lost the rhythm of life’s flow. Nothing in life seems quite worthwhile when every look’s one more fake smile, your brain’s inspired but not your heart, there is no beauty in life’s art, you … Continue reading

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Give Gaia a Rest

When I look all around not much good’s to be found so perhaps it is best to give Gaia a rest. We’ll die from our own greed grabbing more than we need. A catastrophe will soon come and burst our … Continue reading

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