A revolution of our mind!

For 40 years I’ve heard the beat
as people march along the street
demanding freedom from the chains
with little hope and fewer gains.
We did our time, we stopped a war,
the environment and so much more.
But each battle that was lost
added to the planet’s cost.
Each loss was just another brick
in a wall now so high and thick
dwarfing banners, muffles voices
till now there are no good choices;
Revolution is the only way
that we can finally have our say.
The planet dies before their eyes
as they pump mout their filthy lies.
Protests, petitions – all are good
but more we can do and we should.
To rise instead in revolution,
force them to deal in resolution,
stand tall for what we do believe
the planets danger to relieve.
We can’t now leave it to the youth;
the mess we caused and that’s the truth.
“Clean up your room” we all have said
“put clothes away and make your bed.”
Yet while we preached about what’s right
behind us was a disgusting sight.
A planet we’d left all in tatters;
but their room was all that matters.
We made this mess and it’s not right
if we now stand back – out of sight
while our children fight to save
our legacy – the mess we gave.
Not our room but all of life,
and criminal corruption rife.
The rulers that we put in charge
had one goal – their profits large
and like some pigs with snout to trough
we strutted round “Look I’m a toff!”
We blew their whole inheritance,
that was the planet, just by chance.
And now we sit on our fat arses;
thinking we’re ‘the upper classes’
and there below us on the street
still we hear the marching feet
of a generation bound to die;
we made an enemy of the sky.
Maybe it’s time we rose again
to help our children ease the pain
of the mess we’ve left behind;
a revolution of our mind.

About a foolhardy florilegium

Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes.
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