From here to there

As I walk on my Journey from here to there
all I see is the beauty of her everywhere.
Ahead of me the beauty and wealth of the wall;
behind me a river of blood where they did fall.
Ahead of me the lie that is what is here;
behind me a river of those who did not fear.
For fear is the master and fear is the key;
fear is the answer to what we can be.
To stand and be counted is fear so unknown
even to write this the fear in me it has grown.
The answer is fear and it’s the enemy to.
So said the sweet one who spoke to my mind;
So spoke the one whose great wisdom I find.
I wish there were words for the words that she knew.
I stammer and stutter with each word I write
but I know I must write them while they’re still in sight.
For the words that she spoke were a wondrous sight,
and I know the words that she spoke I should now write
She speaks to the soul and she speaks to the mind
and from her all wisdom can be finally found.
She’s the one with no face and the one with no name
she’s the one with the spirit that no rules can tame.
I spoke once with Gaia and these words are from her
though the words that she spoke I saw in a blur.
But I still felt their wisdom and knew what she said
just as though it was there in a book I had read.
So accept all the fear and accept all the pain;
embrace them with love an that’s what you’ll gain.
For the spirits of fear will always be near
and all they will do is make vision unclear
while the spirits of pain will cripple your heart
unless you embrace them and make them your art.
Fear held to your heart can do you no harm
and pain held in close will help you stay calm.
That’s when she left to let fear in to try
to see if he could darken my clear sky.
But with words from the Prophet soothing my soul
how could this old man be a thing less than whole?
While I still felt his power clawing at my mind
I knew there was no weakness that he would find.
With his tendrils he poked and searched high and low
but there was no place where her love didn’t flow.
Though she has now long gone by on her way
I know that her love flows through me every day.

About a foolhardy florilegium

Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes.
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