So long ago

So long ago I wandered high upon the open plains;
high on the Alpine meadows, I held a horses reins.
With Little Bit beneath me and a bit of tucker too
I could climb a bloody mountain or run down a Kangaroo.
And while, today, that is long past and memories so pale
I know that they are stories that will never fail.
The freedom that was with me as I wandered where I please;
the beauty of a campfire and living a life of ease.
When the cold was on me it meant another bit of wood;
when life got a bit too hot I’d swim where e’er I could.
Now days I sit in comfort and my life is city bound
but still I often yearn for that wildness I once found.

About a foolhardy florilegium

Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes.
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