A Meme’s Lament

“Please ‘Like’ me?” begged the Facebook page;

showing it’s true developmental age.

“I need some ‘Liking’ or I’m not here;

please click the box, make your love clear.”

“Without your love, I’ll lose my rating;

if it’s not love it must be hating.”

“Please understand, please help me – care

I’ll be cast down somewhere cold and bare.”

“All I need’s a simple ‘Like’, not even love

to stop the Zuckerberg from above.”

“He’ll crush me into ones and zeros,

no longer one of those meme heroes

who fill your day with meaningless shit;

PLEASE ‘Like’ me just a little bit.

About a foolhardy florilegium

Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes.
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