The shifting and the shuffling; position is the key!
“I’ve got to get the best spot, then a winner I will be!
It doesn’t matter where I am, or my position on the day,
I have to be the top dog so don’t get in my way;
it is a basic rule of life, I have to be on top,
‘cos that’s the way it is in life; it is death to stop.
There’s winners and there’s losers and nothing in between,
so don’t you get in front of me; to win I must be seen!”
But I must say, I hope that that’s not all there is to be;
more than a winner or a loser, can’t I just be me?
Can’t I live a quiet life just floating in between?
I don’t think it really matters if I’m never seen,
I’m happy just to float along and be just what is me.
I don’t really want to win or lose; I simply want to be.
I want to watch the sun rise and marvel at its hue
then I want to turn around and watch it setting too.
I want to watch for faces lighting into a grin,
I want to see the ‘losers’ know they don’t need to win,
I want to watch the wonder as the earth turns every day,
but most of all I want to see us grownups learn to play.

About a foolhardy florilegium

Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes.
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