Sophie’s Search for the Spectacular Spotted Sizzlebott

Somewhere, deep in the Serindipitree Forest lived the rare and magnificent Spotted Sizzlebott and Sophie really, really wanted to find it. For days she roamed the forest floor; she found the elusive Elephant Mouse, a tiny mouse with a big long trunk that stomped around the forest believing itself to be a gianormous elephant.

She stumbled upon the nest of a beautiful Banana Eared Tit, a tiny, delicate little bird that grows huge, banana shaped ears out each side of its head so that it always has something to eat as it walks around the forest; the Banana Eared Tit would love to fly but with those great big banana ears, it just can’t get off the ground.

Sophie spent days on the trail of the rare and elusive Zebra Nosed Duckapotamus before finally finding it flying deep in a lagoon in darkest part of the SerindipitreeForest. Sophie had dived down far below the surface of the lagoon, amongst the Flying Flatfoot Fish, flashing Electric Eels and other wonderful creatures of the deep and there it was, the Zebra Nosed Duckapotamus, ducking and diving, soaring and gliding and doing wild loop the loops just for the shear joy of it all. They swam together for a while and explored the magical world beneath the water before Sophie realized it was almost time for dinner and rose slowly to the surface.

Sophie spent so much time exploring the “highways” of the jungle; those thick, tangled branches and vines that form the jungles canopy that she almost forgot what the ground was like.
The canopy was like a whole new world high above the forest floor; the twisted, tangled branches and vines formed a wild network of paths where a whole new group of animals lived and played. Many of the animals living in the canopy never went down to the ground below; animals like the Three Toed Pink Giraffe which spent its entire life tiptoeing around the canopy trying to sneak on Jumbletotts just so that it could go boo at them.

Now compared to all the other animals in the canopy, Jumbletotts look really weird, in fact they look so weird that you can never be sure if they are looking straight at you or running away from you – even if you stand on your head and look at them with your eyes squeezed tightly shut they still looked exactly the same.

When she first climbed up into the canopy, Sophie was nearly knocked off her branch by a rampaging Jumbletott that she thought was running away from her when it was actually dancing a jig on the other side of the forest. It didn’t take long for her to learn that if Jumbletotts were around the only safe thing to do was stand on your hands and whistle so loudly that nobody could possibly hear it; that always kept them at bay.

All this and so much more lived high up in the canopy of the forest. But then, when dancing along a branch one day Sophie had found it, she had always thought that it only existed in legend, but here was the proof; a single feather floated down in front of her – a single magnificent feather.

It was only one feather, but it couldn’t possibly belong to anything else; nothing but the Spectacular Spotted Sizzlebott could capture all the magnificent colours of the rainbow together with the shine and glitter of all the stars in the night sky into one single feather.

Sophie immediately stopped searching for anything else, all her days were spent searching and all her nights were spent dreaming of the elusive Spotted Sizzlebott. For days Sophie searched, she ignored the Rampaging Rhinoceros Butterfly that crushed all the bushes around her tent as it danced a delicate ballet and ended up standing on her big toe in its flamboyant grande finale. She didn’t even see the Elephantigmouse Beetle that flew around the flame of her candle all night long and she didn’t notice that the toasted slices of Wild Breadfruit she ate every morning were spread with Strawberry Jam from the Wild Strawberry Beetles that swarmed around her tent and it was all topped off with Whipped Cream Berries from the whipped Cream Berry bushes that grew wild everywhere and had whipped cream pie fights all night long.

All that mattered to Sophie was finding the owner of that single, magnificent feather that now lit up her entire world with its brilliance.

But it seemed to Sophie that no matter how long she searched she would never find the Spectacular Spotted Sizzlebott and so she had to be happy with that single feather – but really, even one single feather from a Spectacular Spotted Sizzlebott is more than most people ever see.

I know I’ve never seen one, how about you?

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Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes.
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