Meditate not Medicate

“Meditate not medicate”, that’s what the cry should be.
Medication binds them; meditation sets them free.
“A Madness Epidemic”; we hear it all the time,
And instead of finding answers, it’s constant social crime.
“It’s just like Diabetes; a disease – there is no cure!”
“The pills are all that matters; medication is so pure!”
“There cannot be an answer to disease that’s not a pill!”
“So we’ll control their symptoms, not fix what makes them ill.”
Well I’m sorry, but this system is rotten to the core;
When it comes to treating minds, there’s times when less is more.
It’s time to look behind the screen psychiatry has built
and seek inside the person; their power, pride and guilt,
at all the things that stress them; the battering of minds.
Let’s look into society and see what we can find,
‘cos madness is the expession of the state of mind we’re in;
a state built from the world around us – not original sin.
We all alter our reality from things we cannot bear;
we alter our reality when we can’t find love and care.
Society bombards us with more pressure every day,
so is it any wonder that some will lose their way?
But drugging’s not the answer to one lost in their mind.
‘Cos drugging simply means their balance they can’t find.
It’s guidance and a roadmap that’ll help them find their way.
And remember any one of us, from sanity can stray.

About a foolhardy florilegium

Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes.
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