I sit, I think, I worry; the story of my life.
Always something going on, always some sort of strife.
My mind is always moving, it never seems to cease.
It’s like I’m in a frenzy without the chance of peace.
“Just sit a while and listen” a new voice said to me.
“Just sit a while and listen to the wisdom of the tree”.
I sat beside the water and heard it rippling by.
I lay down in the forest and got lost in the sky.
I let the rustling of the leaves soothe my aching mind.
my eyes searched the forest to see what I could find.
But still the chatter happened from job and life and chore.
No matter how I listened I heard the chatter more.
So I went back to the new voice and told him of my woe.
I went back to the new voice and begged “Where do I go?”
“I need a place of silence, I need a place of calm.”
The new voice said the chatter would never do me harm.
He said “just let it happen, you don’t need to take it in,”
“it doesn’t matter if it’s there, it’s you who lets it win.”
“It’s your choice what you listen to, the chatter or the trees,”
“it’s your choice to let the chatter bring you to your knees.”
I listened to his words, and they made a lot of sense.
It’s only when I heed it that the chatter gets intense.
So I’ll take note of that wisdom and just listen to peace
and see if I can find a place where the chatter will just cease.

About a foolhardy florilegium

Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes.
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1 Response to Chatter

  1. NS says:

    This is such a beautiful piece 😍
    Love the title “chatter” !!
    Story of everyone’s life though !!!

    Visit my blog too 😄

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