Lord Robert

Lord Robert casts a weather eye over the rolling hills of the countryside in front of him. “The way looks clear at the moment” he thinks to himself; but he knows that he can never let his guard down. As the head of the family, responsibility for the safety of the whole group rests on his shoulders. The role of protector and elder patriarch of the clan often weighs heavily on Lord Robert’s mind; he often even finds himself dreaming about the clan, danger and rescue. In his dreams, as in real life, Lord Robert keeps the families honour by maintaining both the safety and dignity of all.

There are always challenges; both from inside and outside the group. Each day of his long life Lord Robert shoulders the heavy responsibility; keeping his family safe while at the same time managing the power plays and egos of the family members themselves.

Today, like most days, the family are on a survival mission, gathering food. To the casual observer it seems like a simple walk in the park, but to Lord Robert’s experienced eye, it is always a battle of life or death. Around every corner, behind every tree lies the potential for death or a cornucopia of food; the food his clan needs to keep up the battle, to face another day. The four F’s follow him in every step of his day “Feast, Famine, Fight and Flight”. He never knows which it will be until he gets there so he always needs to be on guard; ready to spring into action at a moments notice.

To the untrained eye this might look like a tame suburban park, but Lord Robert knows all too well the perils that lurk here. Outwardly Lord Robert may look like a small Jack Russell, Chihuahua cross but that is only to the casual observer. They do not see his heart, or his spirit; nor do they see his love and dedication for his family.

You have to be behind those fire-filled eyes to see that!

About a foolhardy florilegium

Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes.
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