The Falling

Source: Hickey, J., Kostoglou, P. & Sargison, G.2000, Tasmania’s tallest trees. Tasforests Vol.12 p.106

I’ve stood here now for years untold,
thru summer’s heat and winter’s cold.
Slow I’ve grown throughout those years
and laughed the laughter, cried the tears.
I’ve watched the seasons come and go,
while I slowly let my taproot grow.
I’ve nurtured it from sprouting start
till it pieced the Earth’s sweet heart.
An act of love from Cupid’s bow,
a lasting bond; makes my sap flow.
This place is me – I am this place;
I have become this forest’s face.
Now people come to slash and hew;
unruly species; crass and new.
There’ll soon be nought but shifting sand.
They have not come to share my land;
they come instead to take and take.
They kill the Earth for money’s sake.
They foul the world, earth, sky and sea,
destroying lands once proud and free.
They’re coming now; my death they bring.
My deathsong, is all that’s left to sing.
The men came close with saw and blade;
the scream of death their chainsaw made.
They took his life without a thought,
there was no help that could be sought.
An ignoble death; an old tree dying
with no-one left to hear his crying.
His forest lay in ordered piles;
chaos ruled for miles and miles.
A forest free; so long in making –
but only days; its final taking.
Older than us; as old as the land,
had been this ancient forest stand.
All laid waste now, an evil caper,
reduced to being toilet paper.

About a foolhardy florilegium

Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes.
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