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On Spiritual Crisis (or Are We Crippling Our Shamen?)

There are two periods in life when the risk of mental illness are at their greatest: puberty and the “mid-life change”; both are times of, what our society sees as, immense hormonal challenge and change. Traditional societies see so much … Continue reading

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All Walls Must Fall!

“Are you mad?” he asked of me; I know that’s how I appear to be. The person here who you do see, is either mad or becoming free. Either way, what’s in a name; it’s simply part of society’s game … Continue reading

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Good Morning

“Good Morning” to a brand new day; this morning my old mind’s at play. It wanders here, it wonders there; it does it almost anywhere. Sometimes I know the thing it finds; the ‘strangeness’ that is in my mind.

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Questions in my mind

This system I don’t understand; societies built on drifting sand. Is this the future that is planned or are lives a thing more grand?

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Making peace with Gaia and putting out the fire, kindled from desire; society’s deepest mire.

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The sentimental stranger

The sentimental stranger; with heart for all to see; does that simple openness make that person free? Or it is paranoia; to hide their deepest fear? I wish I had the answers; so much is left unclear.

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Discovering a meaningful language, when no word is uttered. Seeing through the window when it is firmly shuttered. Viewing from the highest point while living in the gutter. Listening to every word no one can ever utter.

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