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The Midnight Oil

It happens more and more as time goes by and sometimes it could make an old bloke cry. I’ll get on the train and there’s no empty seat but I spy a cute chick who I’d like to meet. Then … Continue reading

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“Come sit with me” I said to him “and take this little pill.” “Then squash yourself into this box; fit in there you will.” “You see now, if you cannot fit then you are not for me.” “Rather it’s out … Continue reading

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On Unsoundness

“Why can’t I be rich?” I asked him, as I looked at the wealth all around. “Why must I live with nothing, when for so many wealth does abound?” “Why can’t I live in that mansion where artworks and treasures … Continue reading

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Death Song

The heart that knows its own death song will never take a path that’s wrong. For knowing where each path will lead plants a truly wholesome seed, that grows within their spirits core so they can never want for more. … Continue reading

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The Bards

Every time those words appear, there’s meaning found anew; it’s like that over all these years their meaning grew and grew. I listen to the rhythm and feel their beating heart and then, maybe just a fraction, I understand their … Continue reading

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Gaia’s Art

War and pain and death and sorrow; how can there ever be tomorrow? I look sometimes and wonder why I even get out of bed and try. But then a seed of beauty grows and cushions me from life’s hard … Continue reading

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Response to A Meme’s Lament

Well fuck you Meme; I hate your type you fill my life with meaningless tripe. I hope you die, you worthless post; I’ll rejoice when you give up the ghost. The only sadness your death will cause will pass with … Continue reading

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