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The Gordian Knot

This Gordian Knot inside of me; binding me so I am never free. Amazing how my mind can tie knots so tight, I don’t even try to reach the freedom always near; bound to life by my own deep fear. … Continue reading

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Rite of passage

When they learn to explore their mind it’s wonderful just what they find. The exploration that is youth can lead to the most wondrous truth. But if it’s left without a guide it may find things it can’t abide. The … Continue reading

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The Gentleman’s Art

Buildin’ fences, chain by chain, with nothin’ but shovel and bar; the fanciest piece of equipment, a little red Hillman car. A car that could go most anywhere; more than one thought four by four; it could drag a trailer … Continue reading

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Arm a geddon worried

Is there meaning? I wonder some days as the world goes on in meaningless ways. But maybe the journey the planet is on Is the echo of the place we have gone. We’ve plunged down a path of meaningless wealth … Continue reading

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Real Child

I remember the joy of running through trees; the fun that we found in picking up bees. Then sometimes a tree just got in the way or the bee would manage to sting anyway. But the cast on your arm … Continue reading

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Meditations on sinking

Sometimes life feels it’s torn asunder at other times it’s just gone under. But under what? I then will think, for I must float if I’m to sink. But then I realise down below there is a soft and gentle … Continue reading

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My Thanks

To that man I bow my head; through all the words that I have read ‘tis Leunig who has shone a light on all things that I know are right. ‘Tis Leunig who with every Ode leads me down one … Continue reading

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