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Reincarnation in life ever-changing impermanence a process of growth Advertisements

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Diversity (the good, the bad and the ugly)

I look out at the faces of the people on the street; each one has their own story of victory and defeat. I wonder, as I pass them, is their tale ever told and do they understand the gifts their … Continue reading

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Dancing with trees

Come play by the light of a beautiful moon; ‘cos when lunacy comes it’s never too soon. Dance ‘mongst the trees by the light from above; come dance to the rhythm of our perfect love. Too long have we lingered … Continue reading

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At times I like the open way; where all tracks are clear. At other times I want to know Gaia holds me near. Then there are times when paths are closed and my way’s not what I supposed; those days … Continue reading

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The Best Medicine

When our hearts ache through loss of hope and we find we just can’t cope. It’s then our minds need to find rest to nurture hearts back to their best. we can’t just ‘fix’ it with more pills; the answer’s … Continue reading

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The Final Bar.

Each day a step to a new destination; there is no need for anticipation. I know I’ll get there, don’t know why I only know there’s no need to try. The destination at end of day will always be there … Continue reading

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So many Buddhas

So many Buddhas we had known but through their wisdom have we grown? So many souls misunderstood; imprisoned for “societies good”. Hopefully, one day, we can learn why some only crawl while others fly. Some minds don’t understand our rules, … Continue reading

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