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The Meaninglessness of Misspent Youth

I understood so little, I didn’t see the truth; will I ever know what I didn’t in my misspent youth? Nowdays when I see and I read from there there’s new meanings and reasons to care. The music of madness, … Continue reading

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The futility of killing kids learning how to live; The futility of doctrines that have no love to give. The stupidity of dying to try to prove belief; The stupidity of thinking this will give your cause relief. The death … Continue reading

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The pointlessness of “Who started what?”

“We’re making the world a better place!” he says with the sincerest looking face. “We’ve just gotta kill all those out there, because standing up’s a thing they dare; they try to stand ‘gainst me and you” Our righteous rage … Continue reading

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The Princess and the TV

The Princess in the house is married; to the box with a screen she is wed. ‘When she presses the magic ‘ON’ button it’s like the rest of the world is all dead. She stares at that screen as in … Continue reading

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Kids Haiku

a sparkling fresh beach the sound of children laughing giving kids futures younger beach combers collecting adults rubbish youth’s contribution youthful exuberance the joy of life unfolding unwrapping life’s gifts

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Cloud Haiku

blanketing our world pillows of grey yet to fall wash away our tears pillows of greyness from high mountains to sea shores portents of futures

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Life Haiku

clarity of thought the crisp silence of the dawn wakeful solitude beauty’s perception it flourishes around us the hearts true delight life’s mundanity agonisingly slow death destinies unfold anger wells within shattering my inner peace pain without purpose

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